vrijdag 11 september 2015

"You are waiting for a plane.. a plane that will take you far away.."

Before we left for Jordan there was uncertainty if the summer school could go on because of the situation around Jordan. I am sure that many of us (students from the summer school) doubted they made the right choice in applying for this particular summer school. And if they did not have doubts why did they want to follow this particular course? Is it an interest in the 'passions of tourism or the thrill of 'travelling'?

As Scott McCabe noticed people make a distinction between travelers and tourists. What is this distinction exactly? Tourists are viewed by MacCabe as the people who stay do not go off the "beaten track", go sightseeing without really "experiencing" the country or sight they are visiting.
Travelers view themselves as the people who get the better tourism experience by experiencing the country and it's people more.1 Thus I wanted to ask myself the question what am I? A traveler or a tourist? Personally I think that this distinction and the answer for this self defining question is rather subjective and personal. As for Scott MacCabe I would be a traveler but I see myself more as a combination of a traveler and a tourist. After all my motivation to participate in the summer was to research the social and economical aspects of tourism and to enjoy the sight seeing in Jordan. 
After the summer school ended I also realized that I not only went for the reasons I already mentioned but also to experience the people in Jordan and I think I succeeded in that. 

The ultimate 'travelers in Jordan' experience: driving trough the desert
This blogpost should actually be my last blog entry. I still have one story to share with you but before giving you that story I would like to thank dr. Buda and Anna Martini for letting us go on this amazing trip to such a beautiful country and teaching us the interesting theories about tourism.
If you are still interested in the story you can find it in the next blogpost.

Ma'a Salam.

The view from the Amman citadel

1.Scott McCabe, who is a tourist?: a critical review. Tourist studies, 2005, p.11

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